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Builders & Partners has always found motivation in its passion for enterprise within the firm, a community of like-minded people united around ambition, both shared and collective, its success a measure of individual achievement.
Guided by intuition, the group is led by a set of key values, especially the correlation between the satisfaction levels of clients and those of the professionals who make up the company.

Builders & Partners draws its talent from a wide range of educational sources. The company has welcomed people from a wealth of different career paths and boasts an array of in-depth experience. Diversity is a linchpin and variety in all forms is a source of mutual enrichment. For this crucible of intelligence to express its full potential, the firm has fostered relationships founded on flexibility, empathy, a presumption of trust and a considerate, but not complacent, approach. Each of our employees has access to the tools they need, but without curbing their autonomy or hindering individual talent.
Audacity, foresight, agility and efficiency are encouraged, fostered by a simplified decision-making process and an organisation free from conflicts of interest (there is no internal invoicing or competing profit centres). Every day, the proximity of management to the teams shows just how important these values are by demonstrating the need for modesty in the face of the stakes involved, and a constant desire to explore and develop.

The incorporation of digital at the heart of processes in 2013, with “BIM native” services and a BIM/data management tool, Sofya, developed in-house. The importance given to the preservation of the environment and energy conservation which lies at the heart of all our work, in association with the group’s specialist divisions. Outstanding engineering departments, capable of performing design studies throughout a project, from the outline design phase right through to construction. All are a source of pride for our teams and a guarantee of quality for our clients.


Office & high-rise
Healthcare &-social
Public equipment
Data centers & trading rooms
Industrial & Logistics
Sporting facilities
Educational facilities & Campuses
Rail & Airports
Urban design


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